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Educate, Engage & Entertain Your Audience

Educate and Amaze Your Audience At the Same Time is Possible.

  • Educate your audience with simple and practical principles without having to learn any new skill that they do not already have. Your people will be curious and inspired to implement them. Applying those principles will ensure them to leverage their impact.
  • Engage them during this educatainment:  your people will not only be listening but also watching, moving and get touched.
  • Entertain them: create curiosity and amuse your audience through a presentation full of surprises given by a professional clown performer sharing strategies and behind the scenes.

This Educatainment suits

  • Managers willing to connect better with their people
  • Financers willing to be more charismatic when communicating their numbers
  • Sales people to develop their empathy towards clients


“Transform your relationship with your audience and achieve much more impact on stage.

In this MasterClass “Lead Like A Clown”, you will learn simple principles, which will allow you to engage with your audience without having to learn any new skill that you do not already have.

Applying the principles that you will learn will ensure that the presentation will achieve the success it deserves.”